SIP Abacus Mental Arithmetic, Singapore
Director's Message
Dear Visitor,

Welcome to SIP Abacus & Brain Exercise, Singapore. Are you are interested in “nurturing intelligence” and “nurturing achievers” among children? You could be a parent, a child, someone interested in starting a business, teaching children or may be a combination of the above. We at SIP Abacus & Brain Exercise, Singapore have taken upon ourselves to help nurture intelligence in children through a skill-based Whole Brain Development Programme and further nurture achievers through a mid-brain activation based Achiever’s Mind & Attitude programme.

You can get a lot of information on these unique and path breaking programs that we run - the Whole Brain Development Program using the Abacus and Brain Gym techniques as well as the SIP Junior program which helps in the accelerated mental learning for tiny tots.  All of these programs can and are making a significant impact on the mental potential of children across the world. We have a dream of making every child achieve his or her maximum potential.
We have a great team of employees, Partners, Franchisees, Trainers and Instructors who are making this happen. In addition we have the love and support of parents who are critical to make this happen for their children.

We believe in people and teamwork as they are the only way we can achieve our dream. We have just started and we have a long way to go. Children are the greatest gift and also the greatest resource a society has. The way we manage them, motivate them, train & develop them and inspire them will make our society and our world a far better place tomorrow. SIP Abacus & Brain Exercise, Singapore is happy to play its role in making this happen.
Do write to me at if you feel we can share our thoughts and you feel you can contribute in anyway. Let me assure you the experience will be both meaningful and also well worth it!

Warm Regards

Sandhya Iyer (Ms)
Director & Chief Trainer