SIP Abacus Mental Arithmetic, Singapore
Achiever's Mind & Attitude Programme

The AMA programme believes that powerful learning engages both the analytical and emotional brain, the conscious and the unconscious mind. AMA methodology enables children to move beyond beliefs about themselves and their possibility, and taps into the potential they carry inside.

A Positive Environment
A sense of wholeness, safety, interest and enjoyment is essential for optimizing learning experience. AMA creates and maintains a fun, engaging, and rewarding environment that optimizes children’s learning experience.

Total Involvement
Learning is not merely “head” learning but involves the whole body and mind with its emotions, senses and receptors
Good learning engages children on many levels simultaneously (conscious & unconscious, physical & mental) and uses all the receptors and senses.

Variety of Learning Styles
The Theory of Multiple Intelligences states “ …to respect the many differences among people, the multiple variations in the ways that they learn, the several modes by which they can be assessed, and the almost infinite number of ways in which they can leave a mark on the world.”
We believe that children learn best when they have a rich variety of learning options that allows them to use all their senses and exercise their preferred learning style.

Personal Motivation
The desire to excel in learning is based on self-confidence, intrinsic motivation, and personal expectations. In the AMA classroom, we support the intrinsic motivation in each child in becoming the best they can be.

During this 16 hour workshop, children will listen to brainwave music to relax in a conducive environment. The music changes the children brainwave frequencies and gets them into the Alpha-wave state. Studies have shown that learning in Alpha state enhances the performance of students as well as develops interest of studies.

Habits are hard to change in a day or two, simultaneously to children’s brain activity. The 2 months post workshop enhancement lessons serve the purpose to maintain children’s brain activity in the desired state of Alpha frequency. Lessons are conducted by well trained and qualified teachers.