SIP Abacus Mental Arithmetic, Singapore
SIP Junior Accelerated Mental Learning program - Abacus-based Holistic Child Development
SIP Junior Accelerated Mental Learning program

The future of our children lies in their early mental development. Children need to equip themselves with the "building blocks" of global thinking by optimizing and integrating their left & right function of the brain during the early years.

SIP Junior is one of the latest accelerated learning methodology programmes that aims at enhancing and optimizing the child's hidden potential such as their imagination, creativity and computation skills to evoke their senses to comprehend.

SIP Junior is an Accelerated Mental Learning Program. It carries with it the expectation that, when properly motivated and appropriately taught, all learners can reach a level of achievement which may currently appear beyond them. It provides a breadth of proven life-long learning skills based on an understanding of how we learn rather than what we ought to be learning. This method recognises that each of us has a preferred way of learning that suits us best. When you learn the techniques that exactly match your personal learning style, you will be learning in the way that is most natural for you. Because it is natural, it is easier; because it is easier, it is faster.

The Accelerated Learning methodology is drawn from a range of disciplines including: the study of aspects of brain function, theories of human attention and motivation, the psychology of optimal performance and intelligence theory.

Accelerated Mental Learning uses the 5 senses of the children to develop and balance their mental, physical, social interaction, emotional, personality and self-confidence. It also helps children to overcome "Numeric Phobia" and enhance their confidence towards their academic excellence.

Accelerated mental learning is made possible by:

  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • Using visual posters and music
  • Revising the learning for better understanding
  • Posing challenging problems to think and come up with logical solutions
  • Provide opportunities for learning individually and as a group
  • Create space for dialogue between student and instructor
  • Review what has been learned, how it was learned and how it will be used

Class Details

  • Duration: 9 – 15 months depending on the child
  • Two sessions of 45 minutes or one session of 90 minutes in a week
  • Students per session per instructor: Maximum  - 10

Student Kit

  • A Colourful Abacus
  • 3 books
  • Bag
  • T-Shirt


  • Only International programme which combines Accelerated learning techniques with Abacus and Brain Gym techniques for whole brain development.
  • Programme designed by certified trainer for Abacus ( by China Abacus Association) and International Instructor and facilitator of Brain Gym (by Educational Kinesiology foundation) – Mr. Kelvin Tham.
  • 3 days of exclusive training for instructors followed by upgradation sessions.
  • Child friendly course material

In young children the brain is constantly building to form new connections in response to the stimulations received. This process uses the 3 senses (tactile, visual and auditory) to develop and balance the mental, physical, social interaction, emotional, personality and confidence of children.
And hence improves:

  • Logical Thinking
  • Visualisation and Creativity
  • Problem Solving

Who can benefit the most from Accelerated Learning?
Everyone! We believe in lifelong learning-making learning a joyful journey of discovery. It begins from the moment of birth and lasts throughout life. This programme is exclusively designed for kids aged 4 to 6. Children from 3 to 6 years of age benefit the most as the brain development is at its best during this period.

Is Accelerated Learning a subject?
No. Accelerated learning is a method of learning. Accelerated Learning is basically a "learn how to learn" programme. We have applied its techniques to help children develop their logical and creative thinking skills.