SIP Abacus Mental Arithmetic, Singapore

  • The AMA course has brought about a positive change in my son at this young age. He is now more self-confident, ready to handle challenges & above all very happy and calm. Any level of academic excellence would not bring about this higher level of happiness,
    - Ms Sudha Ram, parent of 7-year-old Ishan Ram who participated in the 2nd workshop in August 2012.
  • A marked improvement with good change in attitude. A sweet and happy disposition with more respect for elders and sibling. After attending the AMA workshop and the followup enhancement classes Ayush is able to concentrate more and is more relaxed and calm.
    - Manoj Kumar Sherman, parent of 8-year-old Ayush who participated in the 1st workshop in June 2012
  • Akshita was always in a hurry to complete her exam papers and never bothered to cross-verify answers. She was impatient even when it came to doing craft work which she liked. After attending the AMA programme she has become more focussed and responsible. She is also showing much more patience in everything that she does.
    - Saravanan SM, parent of 8-year-old Akshita who attended the 2nd workshop in August 2012.
  • Its an amazing programme. AMA has brought about a 360 degree change in my son. Reading untaught lessons with blind folded eyes is helping grasp subjects in an exponential way. It has been a renaissance for my son from a reactive mode to a highly proactive individual.
    - Subhash Kallapur, parent of 10-year-old Shashank Kallapur who attended the 1st workshop in June 2012