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News & Events

  • New center at Bukit Batok and Upper Serangoon commencing shortly. Admissions open for these centers as well as for new batches commencing at all centers from January 2013.
  • After the highly successful Achiever's Mind & Attitude workshops in June and August, the 3rd workshop will take place on October 27 & 28 followed by 8 enhancement classes in the month of November. This will be the last workshop of 2012.
SIP Abacus & Brain Exercise, Singapore is a skill development & training organization for children. The Abacus-based Whole Brain Development programme and the Achiever's Mind & Attitude programmes offered by SIP Abacus & Brain Exercise, Singapore have been developed after years of research & testing and is of international standards. These programmes focus on enhancing the learning ability of the child and positive behavioural changes that are crucial to achieving overall excellence in the growing up years.

  • The AMA course has brought about a positive change in my son at this young age. He is now more self-confident, ready to handle challenges & above all very happy and calm. Any level of academic excellence would not bring about this higher level of happiness,
    - Ms Sudha Ram, parent of 7-year-old Ishan Ram who participated in the 2nd workshop in August 2012.
  • A marked improvement with good change in attitude. A sweet and happy disposition with more respect for elders and sibling. After attending the AMA workshop and the followup enhancement classes Ayush is able to concentrate more and is more relaxed and calm.
    - Manoj Kumar Sherman, parent of 8-year-old Ayush who participated in the 1st workshop in June 2012