SIP Abacus Mental Arithmetic, Singapore
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News & Events

  • Enrolments open for SIP Abacus program at GICC Smart campus, Punggol.
SIP Abacus & Brain Exercise, Singapore is a skill development & training organization for children. The Abacus-based Whole Brain Development programme and the Achiever's Mind & Attitude programmes offered by SIP Abacus & Brain Exercise, Singapore have been developed after years of research & testing and is of international standards. These programmes focus on enhancing the learning ability of the child and positive behavioural changes that are crucial to achieving overall excellence in the growing up years.

  • I have been attending SIP Abacus classes for the past two years. The program has helped me focus and perform complex calculations faster. My favourite part is Brain Gym. It boosts my confidence level. The combination of two hands finger movement has improved my concentration. I take this as a chance to express my gratitude to teachers in SIP Singapore.
    - Harshan Mugundan DPS, Class 7

  • My children have been with SIP for 1 year 4 months. They are able to focus and concentrate more. They are able to help me calculate using visual skills during grocery shopping. It helps to build their confidence when they get the answers correct.
    - Lynn Wong M/O Alden and Jaylen Tan